1. How Can I prolong the life of all my plumbing fixtures and or water heater?

Water Heater you will need to drain and flush yearly. Do a yearly plumbing inspection of your exposed plumbing fixtures for example: shut off valves, faucets etc.

2. Why Does my drain get clogged?

This happens from:

  • Hair
  • Tree roots
  • Food debris
  • Toilet paper
  • Grease

3. What does it mean when my toilet is running?

Could be a few things:

  • Fill valve is not adjusted
  • Could be the toilet flapper

4. What happens to my water heater when it leaks?

It’s mean it is broken and needs to be replaced not fixed

5. When using my dishwasher, why does is back up into my garbage disposal?

Kitchen sink drain line is plugged up- need to call a plumber

6. When do you suggest getting a new water heater?

10-13 years is a pretty good life expectancy, however if you notice something is acting up, it’s best to call a professional to ensure more damage does not happen in the future

7. Is backflow testing required?

Commercial backflow testing is required. Residential is not enforced by the city but you can if you would like to

8. What does it mean if I experience odor coming from my garbage disposal?

It means you need to have the kitchen sink line cleaned, the kitchen sink line is starting to get backup which is a warning sign

9. In the shower the water backs up. Why?

This usually means the drain is plugged and needs to be cleaned