"Our basement flooded while we were away on vacation. Our housesitters thankfully caught it quick and called a company I won't name here to clear our sewer line and do the mitigation work. After the cleared a soft blockage, the camera guy still couldn't see anything in our line because of standing water. The guy I talked to said he thought roots collapsed our line and suggested a $5,000 spot repair, even though he couldn't see roots or anything because of the water. That is when I called Advance Sewer.

Rich at Advanced was upfront with me from the get go. He said he would charge to send out the camera guy but wouldn't charge again for doing it if they worked on our line. When they couldn't see anything either, he thought the problem was tree roots and suggested clearing them before trying anything else. His guys then cabled (which goes through roots) and jetted (high pressure water that clears roots out) our line. Running the camera again showed the line was clear and undamaged. I gladly paid him $550 total to clear our line rather than the other company's $5,000 fix for a problem we didn't have.

Unfortunately, the second camera run showed our service line was disconnected from the city's sewer pipe at the tap. Rather than trying to get more business for himself, Rich suggested I call the city to see if they would fix it for free. Unfortunately the city didn't see it that way and said it was our responsibility. Rich worked up an estimate for me and encouraged me to discuss it with my wife.

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we called him back and said we wanted him to do the work. Despite the upcoming holiday, Rich worked the phones to try to get the work scheduled for that Friday. When that didn't work out, he scheduled it for the following Tuesday. The guys from Nixcavating were here first thing Tuesday morning and finished the work in 2 days. Super friendly and they kept us informed throughout their work. They even coordinated with the city to have a tap installed since my line only had a concrete sleeve rather than a true tap.

We met Rich in person when he came over to collect payment. He is a friendly guy working hard to run a local business. We're thrilled with the work he and his guys did, which was both faster and cheaper than we expected. We definitely will use Advanced in the future to check and keep our line clear and highly recommend them to anyone else who has a similar problem."

"Rich and Dakota at Advanced Sewer and Drain have repeatedly demonstrated excellent mastery of their trade and incredible customer service. Since they did such a superb job reconnecting my house sewer line to the city pipes last fall I called them 2 days ago when I needed a basement bathtub drain started from square 1. I made a mistake and didn't communicate where I needed the drain and they came back out today and reconfigured my setup at no charge. These guys are simply old school awesome. I will not go anywhere else for sewer, drain, or plumbing services. Thanks!"

"Do it right the first time and go with these guys! No questions asked Advanced Sewer and Drain is the choice for any drain problems. We have used these guys for our home and our HVAC company in Lafayette, they show up right on time and get the job done right! Call these guys first and you won't regret it!"

"Thank you so much! Great job, quick result and courteous employee!!"

"Advanced Sewer and Drain took care of my emminent disaster quickly with professional knowledge and skill. Adding their number to my contacts."

"Prompt, professional and courteous service. Would highly recommend and will be using there services for all future drain issues."

"My 45 year old house needs sewer line cleaning every few years to clear out tree roots and keep it working properly. I recently called Advanced Sewer and Drain Cleaning to have this taken care of. Rich completed this job quickly and professionally. He assured me that my sewer line is in good condition for the age of the house and that the routine cleaning was keeping it in good condition. I was pleased with the service and will call on Advanced Sewer and Drain Cleaning again."

"After getting 2 other bids, Advanced Sewer gave us a price that was several thousand dollars less. They did the work the next day and came in under the price quoted. They were professional, honest, and personable. A good experience for a bad situation. I would recommend them to anyone needing any type of sewer work."

"I have called Advanced Sewer and Drain out several times to my rental properties. They have always been fair with the price and have done a great job. I have been very pleased with the response times and the willingness to work with my schedule and with some of the emergency calls."

"My basement toilet was clogged as was the drain to my shower. I had junk coming up through my shower drain. It was disgusting. I called Advanced Sewer and they got there same day. They solved the problem quickly and with out breaking my bank.
I got a really good feeling from them, they were professional and honest and I was really impressed with their work.
Call these guys."

"We had two of our toilets and our shower backing up, and suspected that our main sewer line was blocked. We called our regular plumber, but he does not have the equipment to do a main sewer line. He recommended that I call Advanced Sewer and Drain. I talked to Rich this morning. He was very sympathetic and came to our house within an hour (mom with three kids). It wasn't an easy fix - they had to dig up our patio... They dug through about 4 feet of "stuff" in 90 degree weather... Apparently the pipe had been leaking for awhile and it just broke apart (we also previously had settling in our patio which probably did that pipe in).

Anyway, they replaced the broken pipe and cleared the sewer line several times - it was really clogged -also added an access port in order for an easier clear out (our other access port was inside the house behind a wall!). To make a long day (and a long story) short, we were able to use everything normally by 4:30pm. I'm really impressed and thankful that they were able to do everything in the same day. Not only that, they were courteous, and professional... and very pleasant despite the hot weather and mess we had under our patio! I highly recommend Advanced Sewer and Drain!"

"Professional, Friendly and Honest. Had an appointment with another company that cancelled 30 min before, Advanced Sewer and Drain was at my house 30 min later. It may have taken a little extra work to clear my main sewer line (It had been 8 years) but he charged me what he had quoted me. I will use them again."

"Rich and his guy came out to get us unclogged from the septic end, we've had trouble before. They popped the lid and knocked out a clog and we were flowing. They said what we really need is our septic pumped. AND they didn't even charge us!"

"I called Advanced Sewer when I had standing water backed up in my shower and they were prompt and professional. They were the only company that I called that would come out and fix the problem the same day. No surprises, no frills, just good honest plumbing. Would definitely recommend these guys!"

"I called this company last week they where at my house at the time they said, found out my sewer main was plugged and sewage was in my basement.:( . They explained what they had to do to fix the problem after I agreed they cabled sewer line and pulled a lot of tree roots and offered to set up preventive service next year. I would recommend this company to my friends and family "

"Dakota was most helpful and informative. He was very generous on the price which really helped me out since I am battling a lot of medical bills. He also called a septic company to get it pumped out. The results were since it was a referal that they will come this evening without an emergency charge."

"Family owned company, Rich and his son, Tyler, were very helpful when we had a sewer emergency, they are very professional and fair; just all around great guys, it's good to know you can trust good people like this, thanks guys!"

"Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The price was really good."